CICM Wrecks

A website by Dr Ken Sakurai, Dr Richard Mooney, Dr Benjamin Gladwin and Dr JC Karthic. MICK95 links to the model answers from this site. The website also contains other resources including MCQs, links to journals and podcasts and a study planner.

ICU Primary Prep

A website by Dr Chris Andersen. MICK95 links to the model answers from this site. Another excellent site that also includes notes and vivas.

Deranged Physiology

A website by Dr Alex Yartsev. Whilst the main focus is on the Fellowship exam, there is also fairly comprehensive coverage of the Primary exam as well.

Life In the Fast Lane – Part One

A website by Dr Jake Barlow, which covers both the CICM and ANZCA syllabuses.

A Primer for the Primary FANZCA Examination

This is a document written by Dr Mark Reeves, a former Chair of the Examination Committee ANZCA. Whilst obviously it addresses the ANZCA Primary exam, I would recommend that you read the Introduction and the section How to Fail the Primary.

Kerry Brandis

The Physiology Viva book is a must have and his online sections on acid-base and fluids are also gold!

West Respiratory Video Tutorials

If you prefer watching videos to reading, you may want to check out this collection of tutorials by Dr John West himself

How Equipment Works

This is a website by a UK anesthesiologist, Dr Pras Tilakaratna. He has a very step by step, easy to understand way of explaining things