Advice on starting study

When should I start studying? How much do I need to study? How do I study?

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Advice for the SAQs

“You need to answer the question”, “You need to be more structured”. What does that actually mean?

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Advice for the vivas

How do I prepare for the vivas? How can I improve my viva performance?

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What is MICK95?

I became a tutor for the anaesthetic Primary exam at Liverpool Hospital in 2017. At that time, I hadn’t looked at Primary stuff for 13 years. In getting myself organised, I discovered that there has been an explosion in the number of resources available to candidates preparing for the exam. Initially, I grouped together related Learning Outcomes, SAQs, MCQs and model answers for my own use, in preparing my tutorials. As I became more organised, I realised that this would also be useful for my trainees. From there, it developed into a fully fledged program, that I called MAK95.

I received positive feedback regarding MAK95, people were finding it useful. This encouraged me – in conjunction with my wife, who is an Intensivist – to develop a version for the CICM Primary. MICK95 is our attempt at streamlining the study process, by making it convenient to access related resources. It won’t do the study for you – you will have to wait until we are all plugged into the Matrix for that – but it should save you quite a bit of time.

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